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Michael Baggot Antiques 17 December 2018

A fine Irish Queen Anne pair of silver salt cellars

Jospeh Walker, Dublin, c.1700-5

of rare dodecagonal trencher form with circular bowls, initialled " G over R*A" together with a crest engraved all above an inscription "Newry 1718"

Of a heavy gauge and large size.

Size: 7.5cm diameter

Weight: 6oz 5dwt

Stock Number: A645

Price: £3,750


A fine and rare Queen Anne Act of Union Medal

John Crocker, London, 1707

with a Portrait Bust of Queen Anne and on the reverse a figure of her as Pallas Athene below the inscription "Novae Palladium Troiae" (The Palladium of New Troy).

In Classical Greek Mythology a figure of National invulnerability. Executed by John Croker the design of the Medal was approved on 20th February 1707 by Sir Issac Newton, in his office as Master of the Mint. The price of the Medal was stated as being £1 17s 0d.

Though much rarer than Croker's smaller Union Medals examples are in the Collections of the British Museum (The Hull Grundy Gift) and the Royal Collection, though both of these lack the original Shagreen fitted case which this Medal still retains.In Good order, minor edge knock at 5 o'clock. The case in good order.

Size: 69mm diameter

Weight: 3oz 5dwt

Stock Number: A644

Price: £1,650


A George I silver mug

Francis Batty II, Newcastle, 1724

of plain baluster form with a leaf capped scroll handle, inscribed "Dedit R.W at Meruit A.G"

Note: this bears the very rare feature of a double striking of the date letter in error by the Assay Office. 

Size: 8.5cm long

Weight: 5oz 7dwt

Stock Number: A643

Price: £1,450


A rare George I Provincial silver tumbler cup

Timothy Plummer, York, c.1716-20

plain circular

superb colour and condition.

Note: The rarest of all York silver are those handful of pieces produced in the City during the period when the Assay Office fell into disuse (1716-c.1776), which simply bear the maker's mark.

In the 2000 exhibition "Three Centuries of York Silver 1550-1858" 466 items were drawn from collections all over Britain, only 6 pieces from this period were found including Newcastle assayed wares and only 2 of those bore solely York Goldsmiths marks so can truly be said to have been made within the City.

Timothy Plummer was the last in an illustrious line of York Goldsmiths.

Size: 7cm diameter

Weight: 2oz 2dwt

Stock Number: A642

Price: £6,750


A rare Scottish Provincial George III silver tablespoon

Dalyell & Hunter, Dumfries, c.1775

Hanoverian pattern, initialled "W over RM"

Provenance: How of Edinburgh.

Amongst the rarest of Scottish Provincial marks, in over ten years only one other tablespoon and a teaspoon bearing this short lived partnerships mark has been noted.

In superb original condition

Size: 21cm long

Weight: 1oz 13dwt

Stock Number: A641

Price: £2,250


Documentary: A fine pair of Charles II silvergilt marriage spoons

John King, London, 1670

Trefid pattern, later gilded and cased c.1820.

Finely engraved with period Armorials marking the Marriage of Samuel Brandling of Ipswich, Suffolk to Anne Gurdon of Assington, Suffolk on 14th July 1670 at St Peter Le Poer, London.

Samuel Brandling was later admitted to Gray's Inn.

It is rare to find spoons surviving with their original Armorials, the later Georgian case and re-gilding shows they must have still been treasured possessions within the Brandling family some 150 years later.

Size: 19cm long

Weight: 2oz 15dwt the pair

Stock Number: A640

Price: £2,950


A George II Provincial silver pap boat

Jospeh Collier of Plymouth, Exeter, 1749

of plain oval form with a pouring lip.

Excellent colour, a rare early form in West Country silver

Size: 11.5cm long

Weight: 1oz 14dwt

Stock Number: A639

Price: £1,250


A George III pair of silver sugar tongs

Edward Sawyer, Birmingham, 1779

feather edge pattern with engraved foliate bowls, lightly erased and re-initialled "B over ME"

Whilst Birmingham became a major centre for the production of silver smallwork and toys in the eighteenth century, relatively little flatware was ever produced, especially within the first ten years of the Assay Office opening. A rare pair of sugartongs.

Size: 13cm long

Weight: 19dwt

Stock Number: A638

Price: £240


An early Swiss silver etui

maker's mark H crowned, Vevey, c.1730-50

of plain tapering oval form with stiff leaf engraved borders and a domed faceted cover, traces of gilding

Size: 9.5cm long

Weight: 9dwt

Stock Number: A637

Price: £220


A Scottish Provincial George III pair of silver sugar tongs

Robert Keay I, Perth, c.1810-20

Fiddle Pattern, initialled "MB"

Size: 15cm long

Weight: 1oz 1dwt

Stock Number: A634

Price: £78


A fine George III silver salver

maker's mark TC (probably Thomas Carter), London, 1784

circular with a beaded rim raised on four bracket feet, finely engraved with a period Armorial for the Campbell family

Size: 35cm diameter

Weight: 41oz 2dwt

Stock Number: A632

Price: £1,450


A rare George III silver pictureback tablespoon

Benjamin Bickerton, London, 1766

Hanoverian pattern, with a fine flaming heart pictureback to the reverse of the bowl, initialled "WP"

Size: 20cm long

Weight: 1oz 11dwt

Stock Number: A631

Price: £425


A rare George III pair of silver sugartongs

Charles Neale and Daniel May I, London, 22 March 1783-12 January 1784

bright cut engraved and initialled C over G*A

Neale and May were only in partnership for a period of ten months making this pair of tongs a particular rarity

Size: 14.5cm long

Weight: 1oz 2dwt

Stock Number: A629

Price: £125


Scottish Provincial: A George III silver toddy ladle

Charles Fowler, Elgin, c.1809-1824

Fiddle pattern with the rare St Giles and Cathedral mark

Size: 17cm long

Weight: 1oz 3dwt

Stock Number: A628

Price: £375


A George IV set of six silver dessert spoons

John Coakley of Liverpool, Chester, 1st January-5th July 1828

Fiddle pattern

John Coakley of Liverpool assayed at Chester between 1828-1833. That these spoons bear the "I" date letter used 1827-8 allows us to place them within the first six months of his submissions

In the whole of 1828 Coakley only submitted 85 dessert spoons for assay, with a gradually declining output ending with just 8 submitted in his last year of 1833. 

Size: 17cm long

Weight: 5oz 13dwt

Stock Number: A627

Price: £225


A rare George II silver tablespoon

Richard Pargeter, London, 1732

Hanoverian pattern, initialled "T I*E" Inscribed to the reverse of the bowl George & Vulture, Cornhill" also initialled "H&M" to the reverse of the stem and bowl and initialled "B" to the inside of the bowl. The George and Vulture Inn stands today in St.Michael's Alley, Cornhill as one of London's last remaining Chop Houses. It has numerous claims to fame, or at least notoriety being one of the meeting places for the debauched "Hell Fire Club" in the early part of the 18th century. The Drury Lane Actor and Comedian Richard Estcourt founded his "Beefsteak Club" at the Inn. Though it was to achieve worldwide fame in the 19th century as the fictional London residence of Mr Pickwick in Charles Dickens "Pickwick Papers". Several London Inns and Taverns would have their name and address inscribed on valuable silver to discourage less illustrious customers from illicitly removing them. The subsequent engraved initials may refer to it being held for the use of a specific customer or society which frequented the George and Vulture. It is indeed likely that the single "B" in the bowl refers to the Beefsteak Club.

Size: 20cm long

Weight: 1oz 16dwt

Stock Number: A626

Price: £575


An unusual George III silver serving spoon with mourning inscription

maker's mark T (?), London, 1792

Old English pattern, inscribed:

"Thomas Edgcome, Died Dec 18th 1791, Aged 44 years"



Size: 31cm long

Weight: 3oz 1dwt

Stock Number: A625

Price: £240


A George III pair of silver sugartongs

Stephen Adams I, London, c.1775-80

the rare concave arms with beaded borders and unusually elongated chased wrythen shell bowls, foliate engraved sprays bordering the script initials "TEM"

Size: 14.5cm long

Weight: 1oz 5dwt

Stock Number: A624

Price: £85


A very fine William III silver dognose spoon

Thomas Allen, London, 1698

the plain rattail bowl with a dognose pattern stem, initialled "T over GE"

Bearing one of the finest set of marks seen on a seventeenth century spoon. 

Size: 20cm long

Weight: 1oz 18dwt

Stock Number: A623

Price: £1,750


A George IV pair of silver school prize medals

one Rebecca Emes and Edward Barnard, the other George Knight, London, 1823

circular with reeded and matted laurel borders and plain suspension rings, engraved as prizes for "ENGLISH" and "FRENCH", both awarded to "MISS PORTER"

Size: 3.5cm diameter

Weight: 11 dwt all in

Stock Number: A620

Price: £260


An Irish Provincial George III silver tablespoon

Carden Terry, Cork, c.1785-95

Old English Celtic taper pattern, profusely bright-cut engraved and initailled "JAL"

Size: 22cm long

Weight: 2oz

Stock Number: A617

Price: £270


A George III silver pictureback tablespoon

Benjamin Bickerton, London, 1767

Hanoverian pattern, the bowl decorated with the Prince of Wales feathers issuing from a crown.

Later initials to the front of the stem

Size: 20.5cm long

Weight: 1oz 5dwt

Stock Number: A616

Price: £380


Channel Islands: A George II silver tablespoon

Jean Gavey, Jersey, c.1750

Hanoverian pattern, crested

Size: 20cm long

Weight: 2oz 7dwt

Stock Number: A615

Price: £340


An Irish William IV silver meat skewer

James Scott, Dublin, 1832

of plain tapering form with a flared ring terminal, crested for Brereton of Ireland

In superb original condition with crisp marks

Size: 30.5cm long

Weight: 2oz 9dwt

Stock Number: A614

Price: £295


A rare early Victorian silver single cigar case

Thomas William Dee, London, 1862

of torpedo form with engine turned decoration throughout.

No earlier example of an individual silver cigar case appears to be recorded. Given Dee's reputation for novelty and innovation in silver it may be that this is the earliest known individual cigar case.

Size: 13cm long

Weight: 1oz 3dwt

Stock Number: A612

Price: £475


A George II pair of silver tablespoons

Philip Roker II, London, 1733

Hanoverian pattern, crested

Excellent marks

Size: 20.5cm long

Weight: 4oz 7dwt

Stock Number: A611

Price: £320


Worshipful Company of Salters: A Victorian silver salt spoon

John Bodman Carrington for Carrington & Co. overstriking George Fox, London, 1893

the gilt shell bowl with cast rocaille stem surmounted by the Company's Arms and Motto "Sal Sapit Omnia" (salt flavours everything), initialled "V"

Size: 12cm long

Weight: 11dwt

Stock Number: A609

Price: £75


An early Dutch silver comfit/snuff box

Jan de Hoop, Amsterdam, 1736

of rare Heart shape the cover cast with three Maidens in a field gathering flowers in the folds of their dresses.

There can be little doubt that from the rare shape and decoration of the box that it intended to serve as a Love Token though practically it may have been used either for comfits or for snuff.



Size: 5cm long

Weight: 1oz

Stock Number: A607

Price: £1,500


A rare George III silver Armorial wine label

unmarked, c.1770

pierced and engraved with the crest and motto of Ayscough of Newcastle, Northumberland and Scotland, titled "SWEET WINE"

Size: 4cm long

Weight: 3dwt

Stock Number: A605

Price: £495


A fine Victorian silver sifting spoon

Charles Thomas and George Fox, London, 1852

with a gilt shell bowl pierced with foliate scrolls and a cast rocaille handle, matted and hand chased throughout, crested

In superb pristine condition 

Size: 17.5cm long

Weight: 2oz 9dwt

Stock Number: A604

Price: £575


A George II pair of rococo silver gilt tea tongs

Philip Roker II, London, c.1739-55

of cast and chased naturalistic form with the arms finely modelled as leaf entwined branches

maker's mark and standard mark clearly struck to each foliate bowl

extremely crisp detailing throughout

Size: 12cm long

Weight: 1oz 2dwt

Stock Number: A602

Price: £275


A George III silver caddy spoon

Cocks and Bettridge, Birmingham, 1805

Old English pattern with a shovel form bowl, bright cut engraved throughout with foliate wrigglework borders and vacant cartouches


Size: 6cm long

Weight: 5dwt

Stock Number: A601

Price: £125


A German brass and steel fork

Carlsbad, c.1740

the pistol shaped handle with cast brass Coach and Horses decoration

Provenance: Ex Bill Brown collection

Size: 18cm long

Stock Number: A597

Price: £175


An early American Colonial pair of silver tea tongs

maker's mark AB struck twice, tentatively ascribed to Adrian Bancker, New York, c.1730-40

of cast scroll scissor form with naive foliate engraved decoration to the hinge, initialled 'LG' and marked twice just above the finger rings with AB beneath a foliate device.

Adrian Bancker's mark is usually AB struck within a plain oval, Belden however notes another AB punch within a heart which she tentatively ascribes to Bancker and another version of his mark within a rectangular punch is recorded in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on a silver cream pot (accession no.44.88). With no other candidiate of the period bearing the correct initials it is more than likely that these tongs bear another unrecorded early version of his mark.

In excellent original condition.

Size: 11.5cm long

Weight: 16dwt

Stock Number: A590

Price: £1,650


Last Chester Date Letter: A silver Armada dish

Margaret Joyce and John ffoulkes Lowe, Chester, 1st July-24th August 1962

the plain circular dish with a double reeded border, bearing large specimen marks for the last Chester date letter

The last Chester date letter was used for only 55 days from the 1st July until 24th August 1962.


Size: 11.5cm diameter

Weight: 3oz 14dwt

Stock Number: A586

Price: £190


A George III pair of silver serving spoons

William Eley and William Fearn, London, 1804

Old English pattern with finely engraved Crests for Gordon (or Hay-Gordon)

In superb condition with clear marks

Size: 30.5cm long

Weight: 7oz 6dwt

Stock Number: A580

Price: £275


A Canadian Victorian pair of silver sugar tongs

William James Veith, Halifax, Nova Scotia, c.1850

Fiddle pattern

fully marked to both arms, one set of marks appears to overstrike the punches of another Canadian maker and may account for why the tongs were double struck with identical marks

Size: 16.5cm long

Weight: 1oz 10dwt

Stock Number: A575

Price: £280


A Scottish Provinical George IV pair of silver toddy ladles

Robert Naughton, Inverness, c.1820-30

Fiddle Pattern, initialled 'JML' in script

each Bearing the 'RN' Conucopia and Thistle marks

Size: 16.5cm long

Weight: 2oz 5dwt

Stock Number: A571

Price: £325


A Charles I/Commonwealth silver pomander

unmarked, English, c.1640-60

circular with stamped beaded borders, the cover simply decorated with a Rose

This box bridges the gap between the true late Elizabethan and Stuart sectional pomanders and the later Georgian box form vinaigrettes with pierced grilles.

Undoubtedly it would have been one of a number of inexpensive gew gaws offered by Goldsmiths at one of the many fairs held up and down the country during the seventeenth century, though given its ephemeral nature and minute size, that it survives at all is miraculous.

Size: 14mm wide

Weight: 1 gram

Stock Number: A570

Price: £325


An Early American silver soup ladle

Daniel Van Voorhis, New York, c.1785-90

Old English pattern with a pronounced rib to the reverse of the stem, finely bright cut engraved with a cartouche and pendant drop, initialled 'H.A.M' for the Morris family of New York

Maker's mark struck twice

In excellent condition and of a very fine colour

Note: A matching set of ten tablespoons by the same maker for the Morris family were sold at Christie's New York sale of Important American Silver (23/01/09, Lot 100).

Size: 32cm long

Weight: 4oz 4dwt

Stock Number: A569

Price: £875


A James II Provincial silver tumbler cup

Marmaduke Best, York, 1688

plain circular engraved with a naive scrollwork cartouche enclosing the initials 'P over W*G'

Provenance: formerly from the collections of the famous author Agatha Christie

No more could be asked, in terms of provenance, condition and the superb original blue grey colour, of this rare untouched piece of seventeenth century provincial silver. An exceptional example.


Size: 7.5cm diameter

Weight: 2oz 6dwt

Stock Number: A565

Price: £13,950


A fine Queen Anne silver tobacco box

Benjamin Pyne, London, 1710-11

oval with moulded borders and a pull off cover superbly engraved with the ship Christopher and presentation inscribed to the interior

Richard DuCane was an important Huguenot at the begining of the 18th century, he was a Director of the Bank of England and a portrait of him admist his large family can still be seen in the NPG.

Christopher Burrow was a Captain for the British East India Company.


Size: 10cm long

Weight: 3oz 10dwt

Stock Number: A562

Price: £6,950


A George II silver caster

George Weir, London, c.1727-9

of baluster form with a finely pierced and ribbed domed cover, engraved with the period Crest of the Kirby family

Weir had an unusually short working career of only 2 years but his work was highly accomplished, this caster in particular is of the heaviest gauge and identical pattern to examples produced by DeLamerie at the same period.


Size: 15cm high

Weight: 8oz 3dwt

Stock Number: A559

Price: £1,950


A very fine George II silver salver

Paul Crespin, London, 1744

shaped circular with a tied reeded rim interspersed with rocaille shells and engraved with a central period armorial within a foliate rococo cartouche, all raised on three incurved tapering bracket feet.

Scratch Weight: 'No.1 36="2'""

Paul Crespin was one of the most important Huguenot Goldsmiths working in London in the middle of the eighteenth century. His work can be found in all the major American and European Museums.

He worked to latest French taste for an elite clientele, this salver being in the most fashionable, yet restrained, Parisian taste of the period. A very rare opportunity to own a piece from the workshop of one of the great makers.

Size: 33cm diameter

Weight: 34oz 17dwt

Stock Number: A556

Price: £7,700


A rare William III North Country dognose spoon

maker's mark II struck twice alongside an incuse fleur-de-lys, York/Leeds, c.1700

Dognose pattern with a pronounced ribbed rattail to the bowl.

These particular marks are recorded by Jackson on a Communion Paten in a prominent York Church, bearing the inscription "Given to Holy Trinity Church Goodramgate 1706" (Jacksons p.524)

Whilst a fleur de lys mark can be found on Leeds plate of the period (which is found on some Yorkshire Church Plate), there is a mention of a 'Mr Jones of York' for whom no work has currently been found. He was fined by the Goldsmiths Company for selling substandard gold rings in 1700, precisely at the time when hallmarking had been briefly suspended in York and interim punches may have been employed.

A rare example of these highly intriguing North Country marks

Size: 20cm long

Weight: 1oz 9dwt

Stock Number: A553

Price: £2,950


A George III Provincial pair of silver sugartongs

Thomas Wigan, Bristol, c.1770

Old English Laurelled Edge, initialled at right angles to the bow 'I+H'

A rare example of Bristol silver

Size: 13cm long

Weight: 1oz

Stock Number: A550

Price: £220


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Stock Number: A000

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An Arts and Crafts silver and lapis lazuli caddy spoon

Liberty & Co., Birmingham, 1902

the planished fig shaped bowl with a square flared stem applied with wirework borders and ropetwist details beneath a polished lapis finial bordered with chased leaves.


Size: 10.5cm long

Weight: 17dwt all in

Stock Number: A544

Price: £1,350


A Scottish Provincial Victorian pair of sugar tongs

John Duncan and James Begg, Aberdeen, c.1837-44

Fiddle pattern with shell fluted bowls, initialled 'DMK'

Rarely these tongs bear the marks of two different Aberdeen silversmiths


Size: 15cm long

Weight: 1oz 10dwt

Stock Number: A521

Price: £240


A rare Scottish Provincial George III silver Quaich

Donald Fraser (early mark), Inverness, c.1804-10

of circular form with twin lug handles, initialled for subsequent members of the same family 'R MD' and 'A M McD'

Excellent heavy gauge

Size: 10cm long

Weight: 2oz 17dwt

Stock Number: A515

Price: £2,250


A Scottish George III pair of 'Jacobite' silver shoe buckles

William Napier, Glasgow, c.1760

of chased oval form with steel chapes

Note: these rare buckles have, hidden in the detail of the chasing, a small face eluding to the Jacobite cause.

Size: 6.5cm long

Weight: 2oz 10dwt all in

Stock Number: A506

Price: £575


An Irish Provincial George III silver waiter

Daniel Lysaght, Limerick, c.1780-4

shaped circular with a shell and scroll border, all raised on three pad feet, crested and initialled

The crest is that of O'Beirne of Connaught

Note: this waiter has the identical cast border as waiters known by Samuel and Joseph Johns of Limerick.

Several Limerick Goldsmiths were known in the later part of the eighteenth centruy to have adopted a Harp punch outline, as is the case with this mark. When Lysaght was required to register a mark at the Dublin office this clearly would have been an inappropriate design so a plain rectangular punch was used after this date, c.1784.

Size: 16.5cm diameter

Weight: 8oz

Stock Number: A493

Price: £5,750


A George III gold mourning ring

William Archer Price, London, 1816

gold with black enamel bands and borders,

'Eliz: Mary.Mortlock:Died 5 April 1817. Aged 60'.

Note: Elizabeth Mary Mortlock (nee Harrison) married the influential Cambridge landowner Sir John Mortlock on 3 October 1776 in St Mary the Great, Cambridge. A portrait still exists showing her with her son (Sir John Cheetham Mortlock) painted by the artist John Downham.

Size: 2cm diameter

Weight: 4dwt all in

Stock Number: A414

Price: £620


'An Illustrated Guide to York Hallmarks 1776-1858..'

published June 2010, author Michael Baggott

'An Illustrated Guide to York Hallmarks 1776-1858 & A Transcript and Index of the York Assay Office Ledger 1805-1821'

The book comprises a photographic guide to York hallmarks covering the period 1776-1858, a catalogue of examples of items produced by York silversmiths during this period and most importantly a Transcript and Index of the York Assay Office Ledger (1805-1821) detailing each item sent for assay over this period.

The book is Hardback, A4 size, 328 pages with over 120 black and white illustrations. It is a limited editon of  100 copies.

Due to size and weight postage for the book within the UK is £7.50 by Royal Mail recorded delivery.

Overseas clients are requested to email us for a postage quote


Size: A4

Weight: -

Stock Number: A127

Price: sold