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Michael Baggot Antiques 25 November 2020

A rare Charles II silver toilet box

Francis Garthorne, London, c.1670-80

circular with a hinged lidded cover, profusely chased with cherubs and putti amidst trees and fruiting vines.

Size: 8.5cm diameter

Weight: 6oz 4dwt

Stock Number: A773

Price: £2,400


A very fine Irish George III pair of silver shoe buckles

maker's mark WH, Dublin, c.1793-1807

of rounded rectangular form cast and pierced to resemble linked chain, each buckle with eight applied silver studs to the frame, fitted with steel chapes.

Each stamped "38" An elaborate and rare pattern, superb condition.

Size: 6.5cm long

Weight: 2oz 14dwt all in

Stock Number: A767

Price: £775


A rare Victorian silvergilt breeches buckle

Joseph Willmore, Birmingham, 1839

of rounded rectangular form cast with flowers amidst scrollwork.

Note: The Birmingham Assay Office would often mark buckles with the maker's mark struck twice to the reverse of the frame between the Town mark and Date letter on one side and between the Standard mark and Duty mark on the other. This example is rare as it was marked in error with the Town mark and Date letter twice, omitting the standard and duty mark completely.

Size: 4cm long

Weight: 11dwt all in

Stock Number: A764

Price: £110


A rare George I Provincial silver basting marrow spoon

John Langwith of York, Newcastle, 1716

the rattail bowl with a flared stem and marrow scoop end, period initials "L over JS" engraved to the back of the bowl.

Note: after the closure of the York Assay Office c.1715 two silversmiths from the city are known to have submitted wares to the Newcastle Assay Office for marking, Joseph Buckle and John Langwith. This very rare marrow basting spoon would have been submitted by Langwith in the first year he sent pieces to Newcastle and bears a superb impression of his maker's mark. No other York or Newcastle example of the period is known. 

Size: 30cm long

Weight: 4oz 2dwt

Stock Number: A763

Price: £5,700


American Colonial: A George III pair of silver sugar tongs

Daniel Dupuy, Philadelphia, c.1770-80

the shaped arms with elongated spoon bowls, profusely and superbly engraved with flowers, zig-zag borders and paterae, initialled "WME"

Size: 16cm long

Weight: 1oz 1dwt

Stock Number: A762

Price: £375


An extremely rare Scottish Provincial George IV silver mounted cowrie shell snuff box

William Stephen Ferguson, Peterhead, 1825

the cowrie shell body mounted with a foliate bright cut engraved silver cover initalled "MB" and dated 1825.

Note: This unrecorded version of Ferguson's mark would have been used upon his arrival in Peterhead in 1825 possibly prior to his separate "PHd" punch coming into use. A known "WF" mark is recorded in a matching elaborate cartouche, struck alongside the Peterhead town mark.

Size: 8cm long

Weight: 3oz 16dwt all in

Stock Number: A761

Price: £P.O.A


An Important American Colonial set of six silver toy/child's spoons

Enos Reeves, Charleston, South Carolina, c.1770-5

Old English feather edge, initialled "H".

Note: Whilst English examples of eighteenth century toy spoons are uncommon, American examples rarely survive, certainly not in sets of six in pristine original condition by a very rare Charleston silversmith. Reeves also served as an Adjutant during the Revolutionary War.

Size: 9cm long

Weight: 17dwt

Stock Number: A760

Price: £3,800


Arts and Crafts: A fine George V silver and ivory knife

Edward Spencer for the Artificers Guild, London, 1912

the ivory handle inlaid with silver pique work and fitted with a planished silver curved blade, in the orginal silk and velvet lined fitted case, stamped in gold "The Artificers' Guild Ltd 4 Conduit Street London"

Size: the knife 24cm long

Weight: 2oz 1dwt all in

Stock Number: A759

Price: £775


A very fine George II silver snuff box

unmarked, c.1730

circular with moulded and waisted sides between reeded borders, the pull-off cover finely engraved with the Arms of John, 1st Earl of Ashburnham of the County of Sussex

Size: 5.5cm diameter

Weight: 1oz 4dwt

Stock Number: A757

Price: £1,750


A superb Charles II silver, tortoiseshell and mother of pearl snuff box


oval with a twin lug stand-away hinge, the cover decorated with a pique pose scene depicting Hades abducting Persephone

Size: 7.5cm long

Stock Number: A756

Price: £2,750


A very rare George III Colonial silver wine label

John Catton, Gibraltar, c.1795-1800

of canted rectangular form with a triple reeded border and titled "Madeira"

Size: 4.5cm long

Weight: 7dwt

Stock Number: A755

Price: £900


Arts and Crafts: A fine George V silver spoon

Edward Spencer for the Artificers Guild, London, 1914

the small deep fig shaped rat-tail bowl with an elongated curved tapering hexagonal handle applied with delicate bands of alternating twisted and woven wirework, terminating in a bud finial

Size: 21.5cm long

Weight: 2oz

Stock Number: A753

Price: £620


A William III silver and tortoiseshell snuff box


rectangular with a triple lug stand-away hinge. The cover finely inlaid with foliate silver wirework

Size: 8cm wide

Stock Number: A752

Price: £1,750


Royal: A George III silver table fork

William Eley and William Fearn, London, 1798

Old English pattern, bearing the Royal Crest.

Subsequently engraved "EDC" and "EAFs" as inventory marks for Ernst Augustus' plate firstly as Duke of Cumberland and then latterly as King of Hanover

Size: 20.5cm long

Weight: 2oz 6dwt

Stock Number: A751

Price: £575


Royal: A George III pair of silver table forks

one George Smith III, London, c.1780 one Thomas Wallis II, London, 1790

Fiddle and Thread pattern, each bearing the Royal Crest of the Prince of Wales, later King George IV and the later crest of a panther

Size: 20.5cm long

Weight: 4oz 14dwt

Stock Number: A750

Price: £475


A very rare George III Theatrical silver medal

I.Warwick, London, 1817

bearing the named profile of the Actor John Philip Kemble with the dedication "The last of all the Romans fare thee well".

These medals in silver were worn at Kemble's retirement dinner in 1817. He was famous for his portrayls in classical roles alongside being manager of both the Drury Lane and Covent Garden Theatres. Examples of this medal are in both the Victoria and Albert Museum ( No.S.585-1997) and a holed example in the British Museum (MG.1481)

Size: 41mm diameter

Weight: 1oz 3dwt

Stock Number: A741

Price: £575


Royal: A Russian gold diamond and enamel ring


the plain gold band with a blue enamel engine turned reserve bearing the crowned cypher of Tsar Alexander II executed in gold and diamonds. The ring would have been a personal Royal gift from the Tsar.

Size: 19mm diameter

Stock Number: A738

Price: £4.500


Internationl Exhibition 1862: Magnificent pair of Victorian Royal Commemorative silver fish servers

Martin, Hall & Co., Sheffield, 1861-2

the tines and blades superbly engraved as a Royal Commemorative for the death of Prince Albert, with a profile roundel of the Prince surmounted by all the Empire's flags supported and adorned with Angels above the Royal Coat of Arms.

Never intended for use, simply as a silversmiths "Tour-de-force" at the London 1862 International Exhibition, these are one of the most magnificent pairs of silver servers ever made.

Size: 36cm long

Weight: 15oz 9dwt all in

Stock Number: A737

Price: £4,950


A George III Pitt Club Medal in fitted case

retailed by Green, Ward & Green, Ludgate Hill, c.1808-14

the silvergilt oval medal inset with a glass portrait of William Pitt, inscribed for "Augustus Warren Esq Junior". Original case and retailers label. Pristine condition.

Size: 5.5cm long

Stock Number: A736

Price: £650


A rare George III Provincial silver inkstand

Thomas Howell, Bath, c.1765-75

rectangular with pierced openwork Chinese Chippendale borders, all raised on four cast claw and ball feet and fitted with two silver topped cut glass wells, crested for Page of Holebrook, Somerset. 

Size: 18cm long

Weight: 8oz 1dwt free

Stock Number: A735

Price: £3,750


A fine pair of George I silver waiters

Humphrey Payne, London, 1726

square with re-entrant corners and shaped bracket feet, engraved with a Widow's Coat of Arms

Size: 14.5cm square

Weight: 11oz 16dwt

Stock Number: A733

Price: £4,250


An early German silver beaker

Johann Georg Siest, Dresden, c.1700

of tapering cylindrical form, profusely engraved with foliage and fruit between two laurel wreath cartouches, each engraved with designs taken from Charles Le Brun's drawings for Louis XIV's tapestries produced at the Gobelins Factory.

The first titled: "ET TEMPORA LAETARE DUCIT" emblematic of SPRING. The second titled "SPLENDET ET ASCENDET" emblematic of FIRE.

It would seem likely that Siest originally made a set of four beakers variously engraved with the Four seasons and the Four elements all after Le Brun's published designs.

Size: 11cm high

Weight: 4oz 16dwt

Stock Number: A731

Price: £1,750


Royal Commemorative: A George III set of four silver salt spoons


each with cast foliate gilt shell bowls and rope-twist wirework stems applied with cast flowers and Dolphins all surmounted with Crown finials to commemorate the Coronation of King George III.

Size: 10cm long

Weight: 1oz 11dwt

Stock Number: A729

Price: £1,500


An Irish Victorian pair of silver sugar tongs

J.Moore, Dublin, 1846

Fiddle pattern, chased with Chinoiserie figures against a scalework and trellis ground, crested.

Exceptional condition, gauge and decoration.

Size: 17cm long

Weight: 2oz 10dwt

Stock Number: A727

Price: £1,250


A very fine Charles I Provincial silver Apostle spoon

Thomas Punchard, Totnes, c.1631

the fig shaped bowl with a tapering hexagonal stem surmounted by a gilt Apostle finial, prick dot engraved to the reverse of the bowl "AL/NW/1631".

Exceptional condition and gauge, a superb spoon.

Size: 18.5cm long

Weight: 1oz 18dwt

Stock Number: A725

Price: £4,200


An exceptional William and Mary silver spice casket

maker's mark only IS struck above a mullet, London, c.1690

of domed casket form on four ball feet with a cast turned swing handle to the cover, profusely and exquisitely engraved with foliate scrolls and classical figures throughout

Size: 5cm long

Weight: 1oz 4dwt

Stock Number: A724

Price: £4,750


Royal: A Saxon silvergilt skippet box (seal case)

Christian Heinrich Rossbach, Dresden, c.1806-18

circular with a superb foliate engraved and beaded border around the Royal Saxon Coat of Arms

Size: 10cm diameter

Weight: 6oz 8dwt

Stock Number: A723

Price: £4.250


A Victorian silver castle top vinaigrette

Nathaniel Mills, Birmingham, 1843

of shaped rectangular form with an extremely rare engraved view of Witley Court in Worcestershire. Initialled "HR" in gothic script.

Size: 4.5cm long

Weight: 1oz 1dwt

Stock Number: A722

Price: £4,500


A Danish silver snuff box

Thomas Didrichsen, Copenhagen, 1752

of deep cartouche form with a superb cast cover depicting a scene from antiquity within elaborate c-scroll rocaille borders

Size: 8.5cm wide

Weight: 4oz 14dwt

Stock Number: A721

Price: £850


A Scottish Provincial George III silver wine label

Milne and Campbell, Glasgow, c.1763-70

of rare escutcheon ox's eye form, titled "PORT". Initialled "RD" in script to the reverse.

Size: 5.5cm long

Weight: 5dwt

Stock Number: A720

Price: £700


The Albert Trowel: A Victorian silver presentation trowel

Elizabeth Eaton, London, 1847, engraved by Dismore of Liverpool

Fiddle pattern with a curved tear drop blade engraved with a scene of the Port of Liverpool to the reverse and the building of the Albert Docks framed by sailors viewed overhead on a ships deck.

Inscribed to the stem: "The Albert Trowel made by Dismore of Liverpool"

Size: 20cm long

Weight: 2oz 1dwt

Stock Number: A719

Price: £3,250


A very fine George III pair of silver ice spades

William Eley and William Fearn, London, 1818

Old English Thread pattern, each engraved with a fine Armorial.

Superb condition and gauge.

Size: 23cm long

Weight: 6oz 16dwt

Stock Number: A718

Price: £1,350


An extremely rare Charles II Provincial silver porringer

William Ramsay I, Newcastle, c.1670

of circular form chased with a band of repeating tulip heads, with twin scroll handles, initialled "H over IM". Bearing Ramsay's early mark with a bird beneath the conjoined initials and a squared flower head punch.

Size: 17cm long

Weight: 5oz 11dwt

Stock Number: A717

Price: £6,750


A Private Collection of York silver sugar tongs


Four pairs Old English pattern, Nine pairs Fiddle pattern, initialled:

2 Robert Cattle and James Barber, 1808-14

5 James Barber and William Whitwell,  1814-23 (two with "S" mark)

2 Barber, Cattle and North, 1824-8 (one with later lion passant 1828)

2 Barber, Cattle and North, 1828-35 (one with 1830-2 lion passant)

1 James Barber and William North, 1835-46 (Victorian duty mark post 1839)

1 James Barber and William North, 1841-6

Size: 13.5-14.5cm long

Weight: 16oz 12dwt

Stock Number: A712

Price: £650


A rare George II set of four provincial silver salt cellars

Stephen Buckle of York, Newcastle, 1740

the plain circular bowls raised on three pad feet, crested.

Note: although a York silversmith Buckle was apprenticed to Issac Cookson in 1732 and served a seven year apprenticeship. He was made free in 1738 and sent wares to Newcastle for Assay upto 1748, though any existing items bearing his mark are extremely rare. With less than ten pieces known this set of four simple salts are a significant addition to his recorded work.

Size: 7cm wide

Weight: 8oz 10dwt

Stock Number: A708

Price: £2,750


A rare George III Sheffield Plate tea caddy spoon


of rare three piece construction: the Old English Reeded edge pattern handle formed from two separate stamped sections which were then joined to a shell fluted bowl.

Provenance: Private Collection of Sheffield Plate.

Size: 9cm long

Stock Number: A702

Price: £65


A rare Regency pair of copper gilt and close plated grape shears


the close plated steel scissors with indistinct makers marks (possibly "SILK"), fitted with reeded copper mercuric gilt handles decorated with fruiting vines and leaves, the finger rings modelled as twisted vine branches.

The combination of close plate and mercuric copper gilding is extremely rare.

Provenance: Private Collection of Sheffield Plate.

Size: 17cm long

Stock Number: A700

Price: £95


A George III Sheffield Plate tea caddy spoon


the bowl of shell fluted form with a long Old English pattern handle, initialled "S".

Provenance: Private Collection of Sheffield Plate.

Size: 8cm long

Stock Number: A699

Price: £40


A George III Sheffield Plate tea caddy spoon


the octagonal shell fluted bowl with a short Old English pattern handle with a raised vacant cartouche.

Similar silver example were produced by the firm of Nathaniel Smith & Co. of Sheffield.

Provenance: Private Collection of Sheffield Plate.

Size: 6.5cm long

Stock Number: A698

Price: £35


A rare George III Sheffield Plate sauce ladle


Old English Laurelled edge pattern, the stem of the rarer two piece construction.

Provenance: Private Collection of Old Sheffield Plate

Size: 18cm long

Stock Number: A691

Price: £65


A rare George III set of four Sheffield Plate Toy spoons


Old English pattern with simulated bright cut decoration to the stems

Provenance: Private Collection of Old Sheffield Plate. 

Size: 10cm logn

Stock Number: A688

Price: £45


A fine William and Mary silver mug

maker's mark SS above a fleur de lys, London, 1690

of tapering cylindrical form with applied ribbed bands and a scroll handle, finely engraved with a period Gryphon Armorial

Size: 9cm high

Weight: 8oz 4dwt

Stock Number: A685

Price: £2,250


An Important West Country George II silver mug

William Parry of Plymouth, Exeter, 1745

of baluster form with a cast faceted leaf capped scroll handle, initialled "MF"

The first example to be discovered of the Exeter date letter for 1745 (which was previously not thought to exist in Jackson's) This mug was the source of the illustration of the date letter shown in Miles Harrison's "Exeter and West Country Silver 1700-1900" p.297

Size: 12cm high

Weight: 10oz 16dwt

Stock Number: A683

Price: £2,750


A George III gold mourning ring

Robert Scott II, Newcastle, 1792

circular with bands of black enamel, inscribed to the interior "Sarah White Ob 19 Jan 1792 Aet 88"

Note: This must surely count as one of the rarest examples of Provincial British Goldwork recorded. Scott worked alone between 1790 and 1793 and submitted very small quantities of Gold (16oz 5dwt) for Assay at Newcastle during this period. His entire submissions of Gold to the Assay Office in the year which this ring was made, amounted to a meagre 8oz 3dwt.


Size: 19mm diameter

Weight: 3dwt

Stock Number: A679

Price: £2,450


Historic Naval Interest: The Admirdal Viscount Duncan spoons

Thomas Tookey, London, 1781

a set of 18 tablespoons of Old English pattern with bright cut edges, engraved with the crest of Admiral 1st Viscount Duncan (1731-1804) one of the greatest British Naval heroes of the eighteenth century.

Born in Dundee he served through numerous campaigns but is most famed for the action at the Battle of Camperdown in 1797 for which he was presented with the Large Naval Gold Medal and an annual pension of £3,000, then the largest ever pension awarded by the British Government.

Size: 21cm long

Weight: 32oz 13dwt

Stock Number: A677

Price: £1,800


A superb Scottish George III set of twelve silver tablespoons

Patrick Robertson, Edinburgh, 1771

Old English Laurelled (Feather) Edge pattern, finely engraved with period crests for STEWART/STUART

Excellent condition and marks.

Size: 20.5cm long

Weight: 23oz

Stock Number: A675

Price: £960


A George IV Provincial silver tea caddy spoon

Barber, Cattle and North, York, 1825

Old English pattern with a circular bowl, profuse bright cut engraved decoration with a vacant cartouche.

Heavy gauge, crisp marks.

Note: period bright cut engraved decoration on any York flatware is rare but particularly so on caddy spoons.

Size: 11cm long

Weight: 1oz

Stock Number: A674

Price: £425


A rare Scottish Provincial George III silver tablespoon

Dalyell & Hunter, Dumfries, c.1775

Hanoverian pattern, initialled "W over RM"

Provenance: How of Edinburgh.

Amongst the rarest of Scottish Provincial marks, in over ten years only one other tablespoon and a teaspoon bearing this short lived partnerships mark has been noted.

In superb original condition

Size: 21cm long

Weight: 1oz 13dwt

Stock Number: A641

Price: £2,250


An early Dutch silver comfit/snuff box

Jan de Hoop, Amsterdam, 1736

of rare Heart shape the cover cast with three Maidens in a field gathering flowers in the folds of their dresses.

There can be little doubt that from the rare shape and decoration of the box that it intended to serve as a Love Token though practically it may have been used either for comfits or for snuff.



Size: 5cm long

Weight: 1oz

Stock Number: A607

Price: £1,500


A fine Queen Anne silver tobacco box

Benjamin Pyne, London, 1710-11

oval with moulded borders and a pull off cover superbly engraved with the ship Christopher and presentation inscribed to the interior

Richard DuCane was an important Huguenot at the begining of the 18th century, he was a Director of the Bank of England and a portrait of him admist his large family can still be seen in the NPG.

Christopher Burrow was a Captain for the British East India Company.


Size: 10cm long

Weight: 3oz 10dwt

Stock Number: A562

Price: £6,950


A George II silver caster

George Weir, London, c.1727-9

of baluster form with a finely pierced and ribbed domed cover, engraved with the period Crest of the Kirby family

Weir had an unusually short working career of only 2 years but his work was highly accomplished, this caster in particular is of the heaviest gauge and identical pattern to examples produced by DeLamerie at the same period.


Size: 15cm high

Weight: 8oz 3dwt

Stock Number: A559

Price: £1,950


A rare William III North Country dognose spoon

maker's mark II struck twice alongside an incuse fleur-de-lys, York/Leeds, c.1700

Dognose pattern with a pronounced ribbed rattail to the bowl.

These particular marks are recorded by Jackson on a Communion Paten in a prominent York Church, bearing the inscription "Given to Holy Trinity Church Goodramgate 1706" (Jacksons p.524)

Whilst a fleur de lys mark can be found on Leeds plate of the period (which is found on some Yorkshire Church Plate), there is a mention of a 'Mr Jones of York' for whom no work has currently been found. He was fined by the Goldsmiths Company for selling substandard gold rings in 1700, precisely at the time when hallmarking had been briefly suspended in York and interim punches may have been employed.

A rare example of these highly intriguing North Country marks

Size: 20cm long

Weight: 1oz 9dwt

Stock Number: A553

Price: £2,950


A George III Provincial pair of silver sugartongs

Thomas Wigan, Bristol, c.1770

Old English Laurelled Edge, initialled at right angles to the bow 'I+H'

A rare example of Bristol silver

Size: 13cm long

Weight: 1oz

Stock Number: A550

Price: £220


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A rare Scottish Provincial George III silver Quaich

Donald Fraser (early mark), Inverness, c.1804-10

of circular form with twin lug handles, initialled for subsequent members of the same family 'R MD' and 'A M McD'

Excellent heavy gauge

Size: 10cm long

Weight: 2oz 17dwt

Stock Number: A515

Price: £2,250


'An Illustrated Guide to York Hallmarks 1776-1858..'

published June 2010, author Michael Baggott

'An Illustrated Guide to York Hallmarks 1776-1858 & A Transcript and Index of the York Assay Office Ledger 1805-1821'

The book comprises a photographic guide to York hallmarks covering the period 1776-1858, a catalogue of examples of items produced by York silversmiths during this period and most importantly a Transcript and Index of the York Assay Office Ledger (1805-1821) detailing each item sent for assay over this period.

The book is Hardback, A4 size, 328 pages with over 120 black and white illustrations. It is a limited editon of  100 copies.

Due to size and weight postage for the book within the UK is £7.50 by Royal Mail recorded delivery.

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Size: A4

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Stock Number: A127

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